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    Owning Versus Renting: The Pros & Cons

    Whether you’re teetering on the edge of renting a home or buying a home, here are some pros and cons for both:

    Pros of Homeownership

    • Privacy
      • Homeownership allows you the privacy to carry on your home life without fear of a landlord sneaking around.
    • Good Investment
      • In most cases, buying a home is a good investment because homes typically increase in value and build equity.
    • Pride in Ownership
      • The home is yours! Get to know your neighbors and settle down!
    • Tax Incentives
    • Equity building
    • Free to decorate as you please
      • You can renovate that room or paint over that ugly blue color in your kitchen!

    Cons of Homeownership

    • Long-term Commitment
      • When buying a home, find something you can see yourself spending the next 7-10 years in, typical mortgages are for 30-year terms
    • Maintenance and Repair Costs
      • The home is yours, along with its’ expenses, such as broken toilets and air conditioner repairs.

    Pros of Renting

    • Lower cost of living
      • Your rent can sometimes cover utility costs, ultimately leading to a lower monthly bill.
    • Shorter-term commitment
      • The typical lease period is for 12 months, therefore you have the flexibility to move at the end of your lease or stay!
    • Not usually responsible for expensive maintenance costs
      • Most tenants are responsible for maintenance costs up to a certain dollar amount; after they reach that amount, the owner should take care of the rest.

    Cons of Renting

    • No tax incentives
    • Pet deposits and other costs
      • Sorry, you can’t own 37 cats, 12 birds, and 14 fish without paying for each one to live there too.
    • Must keep the home in top shape so you don’t lose security deposit
      • If there’s a hole in the wall, your landlord will subtract the damage’s cost of repair out of your security deposit.
    • Rely on someone else to fix things
      • If the toilet breaks, you have to wait until the homeowner or landlord can send someone to fix it for you.
    • No equity building

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