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Remodeling, Does It Make ‘Cents’?

Before thinking that the whole home needs a full makeover, ask yourself: Is this house just a house, or is it a forever home? Should I stay and put in the time, money, and work into this home or should I just purchase a new home? Turning back your home’s biological clock from old to newer can be very expensive, but is it cheaper to buy a brand new home? Here are some helpful tips you would need to consider when renovating/remodeling your home:

1. Do your research: Educate yourself on the time and the process of remodeling. Do you have the time and resources for a DIY job? Research the local professionals and their reviews. Don’t go into your project blindly.

2. Have a plan: Does that dining room really need to be closed off from the kitchen? Do you really need that drafty fireplace? Having a game plan of what you want to improve/renovate or completely remove is a great start, so there won’t be a confusion when trying to explain your ideas.

3. Map out a budget: Don’t spend your whole budget up front. Consider the possibility of unforeseen issues such as, bad wiring, mold, asbestos, etc. so you won’t end up spending more than what you expected to pay in the long-run. Definitely set aside some additional money, about 10% extra of what you are already saving, to budget for any unexpected circumstances.

4. Acquire all necessary permits: Many homeowners assume that only large projects apply when it comes to obtaining the right permits. Permits are the law and apply to all new/additional renovating projects and demolitions.

5. Look towards the pros: Sometimes you just need to step back and let the professionals do it all for you. If you are having trouble finding a professional with tons of experience and excellent services and reviews, try talking with your neighbors, friends, coworkers, etc on referrals of a professional. You can rely on your circle of influence for honest opinions.

Consider what you want to do with your home once improvements have been made. This may actually be the best time to get the most money for your home by putting it on the market!

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