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Winterizing Your Home

Everyone gets excited when cold weather and winter are approaching. We start putting up our summer wardrobe and begin taking down our winter clothes from the attic, but do we also think about preparing our homes for the cold weather? Yes, we want to be nice and cozy in our long sweaters and baggy scarfs, but we also want to be comfortable in our home! Below are some helpful tips on how to get your home ready for the winter season!

  • Windows: Your windows are one place a lot of heat and energy can escape, so you want to be sure that they are sealed up nice and tight. A quick way to do this is to re-caulk all the windows and then add some heat-shrinking plastic wrap with double sided tape to act as a barrier between the window and your room.
  • Water heater: We all want those warm showers on a cold winter day, so make sure to flush your water heater before winter approaches. Flushing your water heater helps get rid of the particle and sediments that have collected in the bottom of your water heater. Be sure to flush the water through the drain valve to clear out the excess material and keep your heater working at its best!
  • Roof: Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, especially during the winter season. Make sure to check and clean all gutters and downspouts. Check flashing for signs of lifting or damage so you can make the repairs as needed. Make sure you also check to see if there is any loose, damaged, or missing roof and be sure to fix it accordingly.
  • Chimney: We all love sitting by a nice warm fire, especially during winter, but before using it make sure to get it checked out. When chimneys aren’t in use for awhile they can collect soot, debris, and even little critters. So always make sure to have someone check and clean your chimney so you can enjoy it with family!
  • Insulation: It’s never a bad idea to add an extra layer of insulation to your attic so that you can be sure you will be extra warm this winter season!
  • HVAC: Before turning on your heater for that first winter breeze, make sure to have. professional come out and give your HVAC a nice tune up! You always want to be sure it is running safely and efficiently!
  • Ceiling Fans: When winter is near you always want to reverse your fans so that they are going in the clockwise direction in order for them to push hot air along the ceiling  towards the floor. This is a a simple and free way to start getting your home winterized!

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